How Can Non-Immersive VR Help Students be More Engaged?

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Virtual Reality has been an emerging trend in education for years, but in recent months it has become more mainstream. With such an intense shift to virtual, VR (specifically non-immersive VR) has helped us all explore new worlds and stay connected in ways we never thought possible. But how can VR help students in the classroom?

Before we jump in, lets clarify something- what exactly is non-immersive VR? Well, non-immersive VR is basically any form of virtual reality you can experience without a headset. Think of virtual worlds or platforms you can explore without needing any fancy tools- Art Gallery, Expo Halls, simulations, etc.

Now that we are all on the same page, lets talk about some of the ways that non-immersive VR can help students stay engaged.

Non-immersive VR Worlds can help students feel more connected to their peers. Platforms like Virbela and frameVR allow students to explore a new world together, and connect without the delays or limitations of platforms like zoom.  Virtual worlds also eliminate the need to share a camera, which can help students feel more comfortable and eliminates some of the digital equity concerns in terms of how students can interact or what they want to share.

While non-immersive VR worlds are great for encouraging socializing and exploration, the benefits of VR don’t stop there. Non-immersive simulations can give students the opportunity to experience things they would never have the opportunity to in real life, and can help better illustrate complex concepts in STEAM and beyond.

On top of all these benfits, we also know that sometimes the best way to engage students is simply to introduce a new tool. If you’d like to try non-immersive VR into the classroom, here are a few of our favorite free experiences


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