Tips to keep video lessons fresh


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All month long we have been talking about ideas to boost student engagement here on VAR Connection. One simple way to keep students engaged is simply to freshen things up and introduce some change into the classroom. Even though many educators are still teaching remotely, there are still ways to revamp the virtual space to keep lessons feeling new and exciting. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

  • If you use Google Classroom
    • Share some fun new virtual backgrounds
      • An easy way to make lessons feel fresh and new is to introduce some new backgrounds. Whether you find some online, or make your own, creating a few new backgrounds can be an exciting way to liven up your video calls
    • Update some of your virtual décor
      • If your students tend not to share their cameras, another option would be to update your virtual banners or any décor you may have in your virtual classroom. While these changes seem small, sometimes just updating your space can make a big difference.
  • If you use Microsoft Teams
    • Together mode is a fun feature you can use to change the way your virtual lessons feel. Similar to rearranging your classroom, together mode changes the set up of your classroom around and can be a really fun change for more social times in lessons.
  • Introduce new voices
    • Being virtual means that you can introduce new voices to your lessons. Whether you invite an expert to speak to your class or link out to some of your favorite educational content creators, introducing your class to some new perspectives can make them feel more engaged in a topic.
  • Try some new tools
    • Whether it is exploring a new exhibit in a virtual museum, creating a new world for lessons in frameVR, or even just reintroducing some ed tech tools virtually, adding in some new tools can ignite students’ passions and help them to more engaged in lessons.

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