Professional Development Resources for eLearning

They're always going to be their daughter's first love. (1)

The shift to eLearning has had to be a quick one for schools across the globe. Transitioning so quickly has left educators with a lot of questions for how to use the tools they will now rely on in order to reach their students, which is where professional development companies like MoblieMind and Educational Collaborators can help. The transition from a physical classroom to online learning can be overwhelming, but a little expert guidance can make a huge difference for teachers.

MoblieMind offers support for teachers as they begin using Google Products. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they have curated a robust catalog of tutorials and are even hosting livestreams and consultation sessions with educators for free in order to help them prepare for distance learning. Learn more about their free solutions here

Educational Collaborators Offers a wide range of support for educators ranging from getting started with Adobe products to utilizing drones. Currently, Educational Collaborators is offering remote training webinars for a variety of Remote learning tools such as Microsoft teams, Adobe, Google, and engaging and accessing students remotely.

Have you seen any other helpful professional development tools recently? 

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