Beating the Second Semester Slump

selective focus photography of two women s white and black tops

Winter break is over, and students all over the country are heading back to school. Transitioning from the fun of the holiday season back into a normal routine can be tough, resulting in what some call “the second semester slump”. This “slump” refers to the dip in engagement and productivity educators see in students when they return to class. What causes the slump, and how can educators help to pull students out of it?

The most common explanation for this decline in interest is that students have had a few weeks of fun, and are now coming back to the same struggles, structure, and routine. It can be difficult to keep students engaged when they don’t feel they are being exposed to new and exciting things.

woman using computer

A survey from PBS found that 74% of teachers use technology to motivate their students to learn and stay engaged. With that in mind, one potential way to overcome the second semester slump is to introduce new tech. Companies like pi-top and Robo Wunderkind have recently introduced innovative new products that can help students learn concepts like coding and robotics in a new and more hands-on way.

Another way to grab student’s attention is to introduce familiar concepts and tools in new ways. Whether it is something small like seeing what tech products used in the classroom added more curriculum, to something larger like finding a new way to use student’s favorite gadgets in the classroom, using tools students already know and love is a great way to get them interested.

This semester, help educators keep students engaged—Introduce new technology and updates to your contacts to ensure they have access to the latest and greatest tools!


What new products and updates are you most excited about this season?

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