Easy as 1-2-3: Simplifying the learning process in a world full of distractions

1-2-3.jpgStudents in 2019 are busy. Busy expressing themselves creatively through art, music or dance; busy playing sports and video games; busy enhancing their minds with book clubs, study groups, etc. There are a million things to distract students from learning, but there are also ways to help remove distractions in the classroom and at home using technology. In a 2015 Pearson Mobile Device Survey of kids in grades 4-12, 82% agree that using tablets in the classroom lets them learn in a way that’s best for them, while 81% say that tablets help students do better in classes. Products you’ll see throughout this publication are there to help eradicate distractions, simplify or make it easier for teachers and leaders to do their jobs. In what other ways is technology helping simplify learning in the classroom?

person using ballpoint pen

Assignment Aides

Devices give students access to a whole new world of information. Not every student has a parent or mentor to help them with homework, so being able to access blogs, journals and websites online can be critical. Plus, students can meet and interact with other students around the world, expanding their worldview and helping them meet a global standard.


Classroom Management Tools

Classroom connection tools make it easier for teachers to differentiate to assess where each student is at and tailor their teaching to the appropriate level. With 1:1 deployment of devices and class connect, teachers can easily see where students are getting stuck or where they need more of a challenge. It also doesn’t hurt that the more engaged students are, the better they behave.

man in grey dress shirt using brown cardboard vr glasses

Products that Encourage Engagement

There are so many tools to get kids learning in interactive and engaging ways. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology continue to allow students to see and do things they wouldn’t typically be able to do; Makerspaces are emerging everywhere, teaching kids hands-on, practical skills that will benefit them far into the future. The days of static lectures and one-way communication are over and technology had a big part to play in making that happen.

What tips and tools have helped simplify the learning process for your student or customers?

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