Top EdTech Trends from 2018

As we start our 2019 fiscal year, let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about what EdTech was trending in 2018.


We saw a huge push for STEM/STEAM learning opportunities, making 3D printers and coding and computer science products a huge hit in classrooms. At The Douglas Stewart Company, we launched new STEAM vendors including Makeblock, FlashForge, Makey Makey, and pi-top. In 2019, we have a significant amount of new lines we are introducing. Contact your Account Manager today to learn more about our STEAM product line up.

Student Safety and Cybersecurity

With all the digital hype, we’ve seen a huge push for student safety and cybersecurity. This includes facial recognition, network security, and internet monitoring software. We introduced a new security vendor, ESET, in 2018. To learn more about our security software vendors, contact your DSC Account Manager today.

Active Learning Spaces

Today’s students are active, and teachers are finding it hard to keep them engaged and on track during class. The traditional classroom changed to active or collaborative classrooms in 2018. To support the new classroom layout, districts are switching to tables instead of desks, flexible seating, and collaborative work spaces with smart technology. To support this new learning environment, DSC launched Kore Stools, Sharp interactive displays, and new product from Spectrum Furniture in 2018. Contact your DSC Account Manager to learn more about our active and collaborative learning space products.

We are excited to see what 2019 has to offer. Keep an eye out for new product announcements from The Douglas Stewart Company to increase your EdTech offerings in 2019.

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