What’s Next with Wireless Internet

Schools are relying more and more on technology for classroom instruction. As schools add more technology, they need to rely on a fast wireless connection. Telecommunication giants are racing to roll out the fifth generation of wireless technology to keep up with the changing technology. 5G will expand VR/AR for classrooms, create a more personalized learning experience, and increase smart classrooms/campuses.

There are three key benefits users will see from 5G.

  1. Faster Speed: Data speeds are projected to be about 10 times higher than 4G. This will allow faster transmission of images and videos. Downloading a high definition that currently takes 10 minutes with 4G will take less than a second with 5G.
  2. Shorter Delays: We don’t always notice it, but there is a slight lag time when data is sent to when it’s received. 5G should reduce this lag time making it possible to watch high-speed VR video without delays or glitches.
  3. Increased connectivity: 5G equipped cell towers will have greatly increased capacity over 4G/LTE. This will allow more people and more devices to communicated at a time.

5G will create new opportunities in the classroom, giving students the power to be more successful and engaged. Experts predict we will see 5G in 2019.

Source: EdTech Magazine and NBC News

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