Transforming Learning with Video Games

With many new technologies in the workforce, engagement is critical to keep current on new information and mastering skills. However, keeping students engaged and trying to keep up with our fast-paced world can be difficult. The perfect way to keep students engaged is through video games. Video games capture attention, convert extrinsic rewards into intrinsic motivation, and create meaningful experiences.

Here’s how video games foster learning:

  1. Fulfill core psychological needs >> Gaming can renew and strengthen social dynamics if properly implemented. Kids play to explore, be challenged, interact with others, and more.
  2. Games make us more social >> Games are typically about collaboration and playing with another real-life player. Researchers at Brock University found that individuals who play video games have a higher level of family closeness, activity involvement, attachment to health, and positive mental health
  3. Good games improve academic performance >> Games that challenge children keep them motived and continues to improve their abilities. The international Journal of Communication published research that found students who play games perform better in math, reading and science.
  4. Games make it okay to fail >> Students are often afraid of failing because they’re worried about their grades. Games allow students to try again which gives them the confidence to try again in their school work, teaching them it’s okay to fail.
  5. Games can create meaningful experiences >> Most kids have played 10,000 hours of games by the time there are 21. This proves that games are a compelling force.

It’s time to bring students together and teach them valuable skills needed to succeed. For more information on game based learning, contact your DSC Account Manager.

Source: EdSurge

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