Impact of Technology on Education

It’s becoming easier than ever before to create an interactive classroom. While many classrooms have interactive technology, it will be a few years before schools have interactive whiteboards and individual tablets in every classroom.

Flexibility with teaching methods

Interactive displays allow teachers to think outside the box and integrate creative ideas when planning their lessons. Teachers can create lessons with mixed media, gamified elements, video clips and more with minimal prep and planning.

Flexible teaching strategies allow teachers to better adapt their lessons to suit learning styles of all students. Teachers can also switch up their lesson to ensure students remain engaged.

More engaging for students

If students can take ownership of their learning, they become more engaged. Traditional learning environments dampen students’ ability to play and interact with learning materials. By using interactive technology, educators can encourage students to be active in their learning.

Bosting communication skills

Collaborative technology helps students improve their communication skills with their peers and teachers. Students will be encouraged to share ideas or concepts or give short lessons or presentations of their own.

Students can use video conferencing with other classes either in their school or in a different school. By connecting with students at different schools, student will be encouraged communicate and make connections with new people. Teachers can also invite guest speakers to present to their class and have students take control of discussion by preparing their own questions.

Learning Materials for fast learners

Interactive technology makes independent learning easier allowing teachers to support fast learners. If students have their own device, teachers can provide additional learning resources, presentations, or quizzes.

Enhance students’ technology knowledge and skills

With technology being everywhere, we need to teach students how to use technology safely and effectively. Interactive technology allows teachers to enhance students’ knowledge of interactive technology through daily use.

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Source: MDR

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