Buying Decisions: How Customers are Influenced

Consumers do a lot of research before making a purchase. This research includes reading reviews and comparing product options. Education decision makers are no different. To help increase your sales, here’s what you should know about buying decisions.

downloadPeer reviews can make or break. Many decision makers turn to their peers for product advice. They will ask other districts and read reviews online to determine if they will purchase the product.

www-1632431_960_720People gather information from mixed sources. Decision makers gather product information from company website, face-to-face conversation with a salesperson, or face-to-face conversation with a person not associated with the company. People also consult their peers for purchasing decisions.

shopping-cart-vector-clipartPeople don’t know why they prefer something. An experiment about why consumers purchased one product over another found people make instant decisions with their subconscious. Many times, people can’t explain why they bought what they did.

thumbs-up-vector-artSimplicity always wins. Consumers don’t want to do extra work to figure out what your product is or the details of an offer. Make product info easy to read and understand or decision makers will move to the next option.

There is still a lot to learn about buying decision but we hope this helped!

Source: ConversionXL

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