Transforming Education through Digital Technology

EdWeek Trends In Digital Learning_Key Points.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro ExtendedCollege readiness is an important topic for both parents and educators. Many parents have high expectations that their children will be successful beyond high school graduation. With these expectations, principals and school leaders are facing a lot of pressure and a sense of urgency to think differently about teacher preparation.

The 2017 digital learning trend report provides an in depth analysis of the latest Speak Up findings. More than 514,000 K-12 students, parents, educators, and community members participated in Speak Up 2016. Here are the key findings from the report:

  1. Two-thirds of parents say their child can develop skills to be college and career ready through the effective use of technology
  2. 67% of technology leaders say motivating teachers to switch from traditional instruction to technology is the greatest challenge they face when implementing digital learning
  3. 68% of teachers in blended learning classrooms said they can differentiate instruction for their students using technology
  4. Teachers who have participated in professional learning opportunities that used online and blended classes are more likely to support transformed learning environments
  5. Planning time, access to technology in the classroom, technology support, professional development, and consistent, high quality internet access are essential elements needed to effectively and efficiently implement digital resources

Using technology in the classroom can help students develop skills needed to be successful after high school graduation. Top skills desired by employers and college according to The National Association of College and Employers include teamwork and collaboration, problem solving, communication, leadership, and technology skills. Start a conversation with your customers today about their school’s goals and the district’s technology plan to support them. How are you assisting as a technology provider?

Source: Project Tomorrow

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