Schools Struggle with EdTech Implementation


A new survey conducted by Edgenuity revealed that while teachers believe tech enriches the classroom, many schools struggle with successful implementation.

Teachers believe in technology:

  • 70% of surveyed teachers said they believe technology enriches the classroom experience
  • 91% of surveyed teachers said technology provides a greater ability for teachers to tailor lessons and homework assignments to students’ individual needs
  • 86% of teachers said they are either somewhat satisfied (64%) or very satisfied (22%) with how well the tools and technology in their classrooms facilitate learning
  • 73% believe classroom technology also helps teachers create more opportunities for research projects
  • 71% think tech helps students learn through direct instruction and individual exploration
  • 67% think it gives teachers the ability to personalize learning for each student

The top three classroom technology roles, as ranked by teachers, include:

  • Providing a variety of learning tools or modalities (62%)
  • Making the learning experience more engaging (54%)
  • Diversifying the learning experience (48%)

However, only 16% of teachers surveyed gave their schools an ‘A’ for incorporating technology into their classroom, and 48% of all surveyed teachers consider the technology they do have to be outdated.

The top frustrations with technology in the classroom include:

  • Not having enough time in a class period or school day to incorporate technology (20%)
  • Not having enough tech support (15%)
  • Technology being a distraction (14%)
  • Not enough technology access (13%)
  • Not enough training to effectively use technology (11%)
  • Not sure how to integrate technology into daily classroom activities (9%)
  • Outdated technology (8%)
  • Not having the right resources to provide any value (5%)

The big opportunity for resellers is dedicating more resources to helping schools plan and incorporate any tech they’re purchasing successfully.  Taking the time to ensure schools are getting the most from the technology should lead to a boost in future sales opportunities.

Source: Engenuity & eSchool News

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