Top 10 IT Issues of 2016 (Infographic)

With help from a panel of experts comprised of IT and non-IT leaders, CIOs, and faculty members EDUCAUSE recently released a list of ten IT issues and strategic technologies that will have a major impact on higher education in 2016.  The issues reflect three main themes:

  • Divest — Higher education IT organizations are divesting locally optimized and delivered technologies, architectures, and processes and moving to standardized, and cloud-based services and architectures.
  • Reinvest — Institutions are reinvesting in key areas to ensure readiness to manage a re-architected IT function and support mission differentiation with IT.
  • Differentiate — Colleges and universities are using IT as a strategic differentiator to enhance the institution’s particular culture, missions, and strategies, particularly in analytics and in teaching and learning


Each of the above represents a unique challenge for higher education institutions to overcome, as well as an opportunity for resellers to strategically work with their customers to solve them.  You can learn more about the issues and how to solve them by visiting the EDUCAUSE TOP 10 IT issues website.



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