Powering the 21st Century Classroom

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With mobile devices so prevalent and essential in today’s classrooms, schools must ensure that accessible power is available to students at all times. To address this challenge schools are beginning to turn to the next generation of school furniture and equipment – technologically-enabled tables, chairs, podiums, shelving, and other furniture.

Power-enabled furniture and equipment have several benefits over traditional furniture and modes of power delivery:

  • Many 21st century learning environments use in-floor outlets to power the classroom; however this approach can greatly restrict the ebb and flow of activity in the classroom. Additionally, in-floor outlets can be difficult to replace and typically have more installation issues.
  • Raised access floors are another common power distribution strategy. This allows power and data wiring to be reconfigured at will, but is typically quite expensive. Power-enabled furniture provides similar flexibility at a fraction of the cost.
  • The use of power-enabled furniture naturally creates a set of gathering spaces for students within the classroom. The strategic placement of these spaces can help create a multifaceted learning environment.
  • Power-enabled furniture can be uniquely catered to the space considerations of any classroom. While tables and chairs are the most popular solutions, there is a plethora of other options like charging counters, podiums and lecterns, structural columns, and more.
  • Ultimately, the biggest reason schools are purchasing power-enabled furniture is to maximize the effectiveness of the mobile devices utilized in the classroom. By ensuring students don’t have to worry about how to power their mobile device they can focus more on learning.

As schools across the country look to replace old classroom furniture over the next few years, they more than likely will be doing so with power-enabled options – providing ample sales opportunities. As a reseller, it’s important to work closely with your customers and manufacturers to ensure that the furniture is a holistic solution, compatible with all relevant device types, and stays within your customer’s budget.

Source: School Planning and Management

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