Mac Users Not Immune to Viruses


Mac Virus

Macs are no longer safe from hackers

Windows users are no longer the only targets to cyber-attacks. Earlier this year, more than 600,000 Apple computers worldwide were infected with the Flashback Trojan, leaving the systems’ security vulnerable to criminal hackers, the Russian anti-virus firm Dr. Web reported. The trojan began quietly circulating under the guise of an Adobe Flash Update. Once installed, the virus disables some security features, allowing hackers to gain control of the computer.
Macs have long been considered safer from malware than their Windows-based counterparts, with Apple itself using the phrase “It doesn’t get PC viruses” as a core, and effective, part of its marketing strategy. But the company seems to agree with the finding that Macs are being targeted more and more by malware creators. Earlier in June, the tech giant quietly replaced the virus-free rhetoric with the less easily contestable “Built to be safe,” in essence acknowledging that its computers can be hit by malware.
However, years of not worrying about viruses means Mac users continue to be blind to the rise in potential threats, no matter how minimal.

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