Celebrate National Literacy Month

Girl sitting on a stack of books reading for National Literacy Month.

Get your students inspired to read this fall during National Literacy Month, happening all of September. This year we’re celebrating diverse literature that sparks children’s imagination, builds empathy, helps them understand and manage their emotions, and broadens their mindset. Part of National Literacy Month is Banned Books Week, happening September 18 – 24. This year’s theme is “Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us.” This year has been a challenging year filled with book banning, making National Literacy Month and Banned Books Week arguably more important to shedding light on stories that broaden our horizons. Want to read a banned book? Check out some reading lists below.

Banned from Schools in 2022


Top 10 challenged books of 2021


Banned books for Pre-K – 4


16 banned books to read before 12th grade

16 Banned Books to Read Before 12th Grade

Tell us what’s on your reading list this year. Share in the comments below.

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