Teach Coding Unplugged

It is possible to teach coding unplugged. For National Wellness Month, we’re showcasing Makey Makey, a popular STEAM education solution that is an ingenious way to get kids active and learning to code without all the screentime.

Teaching code through invention literacy

What is Makey Makey? It’s a perfect way to instill confidence in kids as they learn to invent. Students plug Makey Makey into a computer to transform everyday conductive objects into touchpads, letting them become inventors and learn through imaginative play and discovery.

Plug-and-Play apps

Makey Makey is all about fun and their free plug-and-play apps make it easily to get started. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have coding experience because no coding experience is needed. When you’re ready to start coding with your students, Makey Makey allows for easy transition to block-based coding. Get inspired to start inventing with your students — check out some of these free interactive projects for students.

Did you try a Makey Makey project? How did it Go? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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