3 Ways to Promote Student Well-Being

Diverse group of elementary age little girls and little boys are sitting in circle with mid adult African American male counselor or therapist. Mental health professional is leading children's group therapy session. Children are smiling and talking expressively.

Incorporating SEL strategies in classrooms teaches students coping mechanisms for both past and future traumas. Creating supportive environments also promote better academics by enhancing focus. Here are 3 ways to boost student well-being

1. Actively teach compassion

Developing strong and healthy relationships requires knowing how to show empathy. To teach empathy to younger students, try creating the job of Classroom Encourager and assign someone this role each day. While in this role, students will watch for struggling classmates and offer them help or kind words. Coach students on examples of kind words and helpful statements. Most importantly, show kids how to respond to those in need by modeling kindness.

2. Build emotional vocabulary

Introducing students to a larger array of emotional descriptions helps them better recognize and understand their own feelings, especially when paired with discussing characters’ emotions and reactions from stories they’re reading or working this vocabulary into health or writing classes

3. Move for mindfulness

Physical health is linked to emotional well-being. GoNoodle offers fun singing and dancing activities that provide fun short breaks across different subjects from Pre-K to 6th grade and above.

Click here to download more SEL activities for families and educators.

We’d love to hear from you! What is your favorite SEL activity? Share with us in the comments below.





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