Computer Science 101: Creating gateways to STEM careers

Only 51% of high schoolers have the option to take coding classes according to a 2021 report published by This shockingly low participation rate means that many students are losing out on gaining fundamental skills that pave the way to pursuing college-level courses and later rewarding and well-paying careers. This makes events like National Robotics Week and the work of non-profits like to expand K-12 access to computer science education a critical mission for student success.

National Robotics Week, also known as RoboWeek, is well under way for 2022 and goes from April 2-10. Each year RoboWeek inspires K-12 students to pursue STEM fields by connecting students to activities and events nationwide.

Ready to start a coding class or coding program at your school?

Checking out how students around the country are learning coding is a great source of inspiration for schools and teachers looking to develop coding classes or a robust computer science program. Stay in the loop to see how schools are bringing fun, interactive coding experiences for RoboWeek to their students by following these hashtags:

#RoboWeek #NationalRoboticsWeek #MakeWithUs

Also, click here for official RoboWeek events. Don’t forget to follow @RoboWeek and @hourofcode for the latest news.  

We’d love to hear from you. What has been the greatest challenge you’ve faced when starting or evolving your school’s computer science program?


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