What tools will Higher Education need for Back to School?

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As campuses prepare to welcome students, educators, and staff back for another year of learning, there are a lot of new tools and technologies they will need in order to keep everyone safe and engaged.

Supplies needed:

Health and Safety

In order to stop the spread of germs and keep students and faculty safe, universities and colleges will need to implement protective measures such as temperature screening stations, sanitation tools and supplies, and PPE

Connectivity Software

Even if students cannot be physically on campus, there are virtual solutions that can offer a similar experience where students can still network and connect with peers and faculty in real time.


Now that online learning and remote work are going to be more common, the traditional cybersecurity measures campuses have in place may not be enough to protect their students and staff as they work online.


Without sporting events to bring students and alumni together, many universities are turning to Esports to encourage engagement and comradery.

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