Continuing to Learn Through the Summer


It’s finally summer! Students are playing, relaxing, and experiencing many new things.  As the school year is winding down for most children across the country, our new normal isn’t. With kids being out of summer school or child care for the summer, how children will continue to learn through these months is becoming a growing concern.

Here are some companies that create products and programs that will help ensure students are learning and growing all summer long.

  1. Tech Will Save Us

Tech Will Save Us is at at home coding system that is Designed around themes like music, gaming and crafts, all kits combine digital learning with hands-on technology. They place an emphasis on STEAM and STEM learning and provide online lesson plans that make interactive learning easy to follow.

  1. Veative

Veative brings immersive and interactive learning experiences to students everywhere. They have a large library of VR content, allowing students around the world to conduct scientific experiments, explore world landmarks, and learning math. This experience is now available through a web browser, without the need for VR equipment, and outside the walls of the traditional classroom.

  1. iRobot

Children can code Root to draw artwork, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and climb whiteboard walls, all while learning the fundamentals of robotics. The Root Coding App is also available and packed with lessons, projects, and activities to begin your hands-on problem solving right out of the box.

  1. Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop provides personable robots and free software, designed specifically for kids. They provide an expansive library of puzzles, standard-based lesson plans, and robotics challenges to keep children entertained and learning all summer!

  1. Makey Makey

Makey Makey has a wide range of products to craft and code, build your own sensors using things like pennies and alligator clips, and much more. Using Makey Makey products, the world is a construction kit that keeps children learning while making it feel like a game!


  1. Cubelets

Cubeletes is bringing summer camp activities to your home! Cubelets work well with theme weeks that children can create that are often part of summer camp curriculums. Try letting students use Cubelets to design robots that represent different characters from the book or series.



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