Three Way to Transform Classrooms with Technology

Technology is changing the way students are learning. Gone are the days of textbooks and in-class lectures. Students are expanding their learning and career opportunities by traveling through the human body, visiting Antarctica, and doing hands-on activities.

Technology and innovation are becoming more of a priority in school districts. Here are three tools educators are using to transform their classroom.

Interactive learning

Technology gets students excited and increases engagement in the classroom. A study from Kahoot! found nearly two-thirds of teachers are using technology to encourage students to work in teams. More than half of teachers are using technology to encourage creative thinking.

Through interactive and game base learning, students have more hands-on learning providing a better explanation of topics that may be difficult to explain. Students are no longer consumers of information. Instead, they are creators and producers of information.

Virtual Portfolios

Employers are no longer just looking for a resume with work experience and education. Today, employers are looking for concrete evidence of previous work. Virtual portfolios showcase a student’s abilities, previous work, and personal characteristics.

Personal Hotspots

Twenty-first century learning can take place anywhere if the user has access to internet. Nearly 5 million households with school-aged children don’t have access to broadband internet. To help eliminate the divide, schools can offer personal hotspots to students with one-to-one devices.

Source: eSchool News

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