Security Tips for BYOD and 1:1 Deployment

Devices are a significant investment, regardless of whether the school, student, or parent is supplying them. It’s important that schools invest in protecting these devices, as well as the students who are using them. Aside from basic firewall protection, schools should be investing in a comprehensive web filter and storage solutions for their devices.Bloxx

Web Filtering

A dynamic web filtering solution can curb personal Web browsing, protect against malware from seemingly “safe” sites, and block inappropriate content. In addition, a good web filter should:

Provide Single Sign-On for BYODs

Single Sign-On provides a quick, simple, and effective way to deliver accurate and relevant filtering capabilities for BYOD users’ web browsing.

Enforce Filtering Policies for Mobile Devices

A good filter can extend filtering and protection to mobile devices. This ensures that schools’ access policies are enforced for remote and mobile users.

Use Social Media Controls

For example, schools can provide access to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but restrict the user’s ability to post updates.

Deliver Google Authentication

Google Authentication allows users to set up an authentication policy based on a Google username and password – thus creating filtering policies for Chromebooks or other devices that users are authenticating through Google.

Enforce Safe Search and YouTube for Schools

A good web filter can automatically enforce safe search on all major search engines and direct user requests for YouTube to educationally relevant content on YouTube for Schools.

View Case Studies: Worcester Public School District & Mount Vernon School District


Carts and Storage Solutions

Locking devices away after use while keeping them charged and ready for students is a must for theft protection. Here are some useful tips to consider when deciding on a storage solution:

Think long term, not short term

When buying a cart, schools should think years down the road. The cart or locker that is chosen should have the flexibility and design that allows for adjustments should a school change devices in the future.

 Specify Cable Management

Wiring time is often underestimated, but it can put a strain on IT departments when the number of carts that need wiring is significant. Carts should include integrated cable management that is guaranteed for life.

Consider Classroom Size and Safety

Schools need to consider classroom size and find the right cart with the footprint to match their space. Additionally, open hinges, large stabilization feet, pullout drawers, and easy-to-tip carts all represent potential hazards depending on the classroom.

Additional considerations include: warranty length, mobility of storage solution, construction materials, power management, and assembly.

View Case Studies: Coachella Valley Unified School District & Hibre High School Humanities College

Source: 11 Mistakes Schools Make When Buying Charging and Storage Carts and How to Avoid Them

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