The E-rate Filing Window is Now Open for 2014

E-rate is a critical program that helps schools get funding for their necessary purchases. The E-rate program provides discounts on certain services and products that are essential for classrooms and libraries to receive voice, video, and data communications. The amount of the discount depends on the level of poverty and location of the school or library receiving service. The discount ranges from 20% to 90% of the cost of eligible services. To be eligible to receive discounts, a school or library must meet certain eligibility criteria. In general, elementary and secondary schools are eligible to receive discounts – including many private schools and religious schools.

Now is a great time to start purchasing discussions with your customers because the Funding Year 2014 Form 471 filing window officially opened at noon EST on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014. The filing window, during which schools and libraries can apply for E-rate funding, will be open for 77 days. E-rate is especially relevant to your customers as it specifically addresses voice, video and data communications. These are central concerns for the Mobile Learning programs sweeping K-12 Education.

Connect your customers with products that qualify for E-rate funding through our Mobile Learning ecosystem – the holistic, channel-friendly solution that enables you to make the most of this important trend in education. By providing a functional, fully formed suite of mobile learning solutions, you can help your customers acquire E-rate discounts to support their successful Mobile Learning programs.

To learn more about our Mobile Learning ecosystem, contact your Account Manager or visit the Mobile Learning portal on (Login required.)

Click here to learn more about E-rate funding.

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