[Webinar] Wireless 802.11ac – The New Signal for Generation Wi(Fi)

Webinar Details

Topic How University of Houston is Migrating to 802.11AC –
The Migration Plan and Lessons Learned
Date Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Time 8 am PST / 11 am EST


The history of WiFi has been one of steady progression. From the beginnings of 802.11a to the current designation of 802.11n, the wireless signal standard has made multiple leaps forward in terms of speed, capacity, and throughput. For a brief history of wireless signal standards and their capabilities, see this illustration provided by Meru Networks:

2013 - 9-16 - 9-20 - Everything You Need to Know About Wireless 802.11ac

A new wireless signal standard is about to debut on the wireless market stage – 802.11ac, which builds upon the success of 802.11n, the predominant WLAN standard in the market. 802.11n brought improvements in data rates and link efficiencies, but consumer and commercial trends have created demand for a new set of capabilities which are addressed by 802.11ac:

802.11ac Features Customer Benefits
Wider channels Higher data rates – up to 1.3Gbps per radio
Higher encoding density Higher bit density per packet
Increased number of spatial streams Higher data rates per AP/client link
Beamforming Greater wireless AP/client link reliability
Multi-user MIMO Greater AP/client capacity and efficient use of spectrum

The cumulative benefit of 802.11ac features will enable Wi-Fi solutions to meet today’s demand for high capacity and high quality mobile real-time applications like video and voice. 802.11ac will also support the high-capacity needs of many mobile devices on one network brought on by mobile learning trends in education.

As schools transition to 802.11ac, they will need to update their network infrastructure in order to stay current with the demands of the current generation of students who expect Wi-Fi functionality – a demographic which Meru Networks has identified as Generation Wi(Fi).

Opportunities for wireless infrastructure sales during this transitional period will be abundant, so the more you know about 802.11ac, the better. To learn more, register for this webinar on 802.11ac from Meru Networks, visit our Meru Partner Portal to read about Meru wireless solutions, and get authorized to sell Meru 802.11ac solutions!

register_now_w_shadow Register here for a webinar from Meru Networks about 802.11ac in education!

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